Urs Fischer

Neo-Dada Sculptor

“We didn’t think it was possible to do what Digital Relab has done for us with Starchive.”

“We’re moving from three mediocre platforms that still fell short of meeting our needs to one superior system, built to grow and transform with us into the future. This didn’t seem possible before meeting Digital Relab.“

-Abby Haywood (Fischer Archivest)

  • Urs Fischer is one of the most renowned contemporary artists working in the world today. Fischer's subversive approach to art is often considered to be influenced by anti-art movements like Neo-Dada, Lost Art, or the Situationist International.  Since Fischer began showing his work, in the mid-nineteen-nineties, in Europe, he has produced an enormous number of objects, drawings, collages, and room-size installations.

  • Urs Fischer’s artworks often are temporary and thus installations. This allows his Starchive to be to be a living breathing workspace for re-mixing and re-imagining his life’s work. Ficher’s starchive also serves as a wonderful repository for cataloging every piece and performance he creates.

    • Creating new features for large images
    • Cataloging efficiencies related to physical objects
    • Ongoing optimization of Starchive for Installation art
Urs Fischer