Modern Workflow Projects

The Future

“We reopened our RFP process after settling on a platform because Starchive was like nothing we had ever seen before”

-Major Symphony Orchestra

“The systems that we reviewed prior to Starchive seemed to specialize in one or two of these asset types as opposed to being able to accommodate them all. Or, if they could accommodate them all, their interface was not user friendly.”

-Top Independent Record Label

“Starchive is the most exciting technology I have seen in this space. With exponential growth in data, we need this brain-like technology to organize and make sense of it all.”

-Bob Moje (Architect and Investor)

  • The digital asset management space is expected to grow to over sixty billion dollars by 2020, with over 40,000 Exabytes of digital content in existence. The exponential growth is literally 50 fold in ten years – with no signs of abating.

    Nearly every industry in the world has a digital asset problem – whether having to do with the triaging and digitization of legacy content or the tools to deal with enormous virtual reality files – Starchive is the future for letting go of organizing so that creating and work-flow can improve without a hitch.

  • Digital Relab is currently in pilot with a diverse number of industries, including: manufacturing, fine arts, federal government work, and publishing. We are in deep discussions with folks in the gaming industry, medicine, creative / marketing, and sports.

    With each industry comes a new set of issues to resolve. The beauty of Starchive is that the flexibility of the platform allows for limitless configuration for modern workflow issues.

    For specific details on digital media problems we solve (industry by industry) click the button below to visit our “We Know” page.

    • Gaming
    • Medical
    • News Media
    • Publishing
    • Sports
    • Music
    • Historic Archives / Museums
    • Manufacturing
    • Defense
    • Other Federal Government
    • Creative and Marketing
    • Fine Art
    • And on and on
The Future