Solve your most pressing digital media and asset management challenges with Starchive®.

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) Digital Asset Management (DAM) means something different to almost everyone who hears it, but what every organization that either owns or produces digital content can agree on is that being able to intuitively organize, view, share and make greater use of their content is critical for success.
    • At Digital ReLab, DAM is much more than file storage. For our clients, DAM is an essential platform that ensures instantaneous, intuitive, and reliable access to all of their content – from frequently used material to the obscure artifacts that often provide the most value when re-discovered or used in a new way. In addition, our advanced use of metadata organizes content the way people actually think rather than in a rigid or arbitrary hierarchy.

    • Data Accessiblity

      Organize and view content in any file format

      Content Distribution

      Automate derivative creation and distribution to put content where you need it to be

      Secure Collaboration

      Simply and securely share files and collections to internal teams and external business partners

      Data Insights

      Employ unlimited flexible tagging to expose, edit and enrich the information about your content

    • Many types of organizations use Starchive to secure and add new value to their digital content

      • Marketing departments
      • Customer support teams
      • Commercial illustrators
      • Creative brand teams
      • Technical documentation teams
  • Archives and Collections Management Archives, museums and collecting institutions face mounting pressure to not only preserve, but also create greater value from their assets while reducing the costs of storage and backup.
    • Starchive is built by archivists to enable the best in archival practices providing a safe, secure, and intuitive platform that fits seamlessly into any institutional workflow.

    • Cost Effective

      Easy and cost-effective storage and backup

      Time Effective

      Quickly search across all collections to find exactly what you need

      Easy Access

      Access and view content in any file format

      Create & Share

      Create and share new collections with drag and drop efficiency

      • Image Collections
      • Private and Corporate Collections
      • Celebrity Estates
      • Art Museums
      • Music Archives
      • Cultural Heritage Organizations
      • Film archives

      Starchive is used within many archival and collecting institutions

  • Brand Asset Management Companies and organizations of all sizes know that staying top of mind and current with their customers, members, or followers is more critical than ever. To achieve this goal organizations are increasingly adopting the practices of media companies where always-on access to on-brand content is required to keep content development flowing.
    • With powerful permission-based sharing, Starchive is a universal content hub supporting ready access to your current and archived creative assets for organizations and partners. Starchive is designed to fit seamlessly within your existing workflows enabling your team to become much more effective without having to change how they work.

    • Content Centralization

      Maintain a single source of truth for all your brand assets

      Optimized Navigation

      Easily search and view all of your content – no need for the original application used to create the content

      Secure Infrastructure

      Safe, secure storage for all asset types, file formats, and content


      Use the collections feature to develop and share new content ideas

      Relevent Hierarchies

      Create your own taxonomy, metadata, filters and more that fit with your current workflow

      Data Control

      Amplify the value of your content when and where it is most needed

    • Who uses Starchive?

      • Personal brand
      • Visual artists
      • Commercial illustrators
      • Content marketers
  • Video and Audio Asset Management Few environments produce and require access to more media content than video production. In fact, one Digital ReLab client shared that they produce 30 hours of b-roll for every 10-minute segment of finished video. On top of the tremendous increase in b-roll being saved, the relentless increase in fidelity of video content is also causing extreme growing pains.
    • As producers, editors, and managers of content strive to stay efficient they recognize that they must have immediate access to the massive quantities of saved content and must simultaneously be able to find exactly the content that is needed at the right time. They need the limitless storage flexibility, speed, and security of the cloud, but often have questions about how to drive change while supporting the demands of their daily workflow.

      Digital ReLab specializes in enabling video and audio production companies to integrate the cloud into their existing workflow.

    • Bulk Files

      Easily store and share large video files of any file type

      Refine Workflow

      Create and execute lifecycle policies on all your content within your current workflow

      Flexible File Treatment

      Transcode content as you go with optional derivatives creation

      Manage Monitization

      Triage your b-roll for pre and post production

      • Audio for advertising
      • Video distribution
      • Album production
      • Video production
      • Video editing

      Starchive is used within many video and audio production houses.


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