Starting at $10/month you can see, play and share what is in your S3 buckets


Instead of staring at my screen wondering how the hell I’m going to find this file, I’m logging in and my LENS tools show me exactly where it is, Amazing!

Don't have an S3 cloud account yet? It's easy


List of LENS Features

  • See Thumbnails of all your files
  • Play and/or read your files
  • View and search CSVs and PDFs
  • Search your files via elasticsearch
  • Surfaces related files automatically
  • See and search probed metadata
  • See and search AI created metadata
  • Share or download a single file
  • Share a bucket privately or publically
  • Search across buckets from different AWS accounts

If anyone in your organization opens Amazon S3 looking for a file for even one minute, that’s one minute too long.



Your Mess of Data in the Cloud

All of your files have valuable information that you cannot see in AWS S3. LENS surfaces that metadata to help enable advanced search.

Cutting Edge AI Technology

You’ve got AWS’s latest Artifical Intelligence tool at your finger tips. LENS uses Rekognition to create new metadata for your files.

Our Content Discovery Engine

Suddenly a messy AWS S3 Bucket is a powerful tool for file playback, discovery and sharing. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be up and running.

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our software uses automagical powers to index and transform files and "ubiquitous" cloud storage systems like AWS s3. 

Our demos are quick and fun and gives us a chance to learn about what kind of solution you are looking for and what you want to do with it once you've found it.

today we sell two software products, Starchive and LENS. ask us about either or both!

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