StarchiveTM Tool Reveals Rarities for New Dylan Projects and Releases

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA—The Bob Dylan Music Company (BDMC), signed a deal with Virginia-based Digital ReLab to use their StarchiveTM media management tool to digitally archive 50-plus years of rare music, video, film, documents, photos, and other one-of-a- kind collectible memorabilia. Digital ReLab’s new technology will help BDMC digitize these materials, and bring order and meaning to the collection through enhanced visualization and a richer metadata experience.

“We’ve been searching for the right tool to organize the enormous amount of material generated by Bob Dylan over his career,” says archivist Matthew Lewis. “Having our collection organized and accessible has transformed our creative and business opportunities and made collaboration simpler. Our StarchiveTM has proved strong enough, and flexible enough, to handle our enormous archives with all its idiosyncrasies. We look forward to many more years of collaborating with Digital ReLab.”

StarchiveTM is designed to automate the storage, annotation, and distribution of media collections. As high-quality audio and video files are ingested from a "magic folder" on the local computer, they are transcoded to multiple formats, instantly made into every desired derivative, and made accessible through a flexible, organized catalog. From there, media can be shared across multiple platforms (e.g. television, mobile devices, or websites).

“StarchiveTM is helping collect and archive the most complete record of Bob Dylan’s history and artistic output in existence,” says Peter Agelasto, founder of Digital ReLab. “Think of StarchiveTM as the ultimate way for an artist to control what they create. The creative artist, or their publisher, has complete control. They can lock it away. They can create a new monetization strategy, or they can deliver it in real-time to their fans via the web or social sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Vimeo. They have instant access to their full archives and can choose how and with whom they share it.”

Agelasto says StarchiveTM works great for artists like Dylan, who have a massive collection of artistic endeavors created over a very long period. It also gives control to new artists who may want to share their work instantaneously with fans through social sites. “The cornerstone to distribution is accessibility. True accessibility is realized through the organization provided by StarchiveTM. It’s a powerful tool that gives complete control to the creator, and that’s been a long time coming.”

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