Preserving History

The Past

“Having our collection organized and accessible has transformed our creative and business opportunities and made collaboration simpler."

- Archivist - Bob Dylan Music Company

  • At Digital ReLab preserving the past and enabling the organization and re-discovery of important collections is our forte. As we move solidly into the 21st Century - it is critical to makes sure the important collections are preserved. This means that we must triage legacy content and decide what should be digitized and what should fall into obscurity. As items are being digitized it is critical that stakeholders use powerful tools for adding metadata. In addition - older or disorganized digital assets must be forged to unify well structured nomenclature.

  • Starchive was designed with all the problems of historical archiving in mind. We work with museums, artistic icons, radio legends, famous photographers, and professional fine arts organizations with content hundreds of years old, and in every form imaginable.

    A Few Collections We Specialize in Helping

    • Museums
    • Radio Stations
    • Private Collections
    • Professional Orchestras
    • Dance Companies
    • Corporate Archives
    • Media Collections
    • Sculpters
    • Photographers
    • Painters
The Past