Living in Amazon S3 Cloud Limbo?


Living in Cloud Limbo?

Experiencing AWS S3 does not have to be confusing

So, you have all of your stuff in S3. Maybe you have been in S3 for a while, or maybe you just made the leap. Either way, you probably just want to actually understand what you have in there.

If you have a lot of content, that glimpse into the abyss can be a little overwhelming. All the endless dreaming about the power of having all of your files in one place is eclipsed by the “Debbie Downer Trombone” as you try to make sense of it all in the AWS S3 console.

Meet Debbie 

As a repository for files and data, AWS S3 is awesome, but acts more like a storage unit than a highly organized warehouse. S3’s interface has no file viewing or playback. You can search for a file, but only by file name. The simple list of folders and files with a “bucket-folder-file” structure makes it great for “storing at scale” but tough for “managing at scale”. Additionally, there is no easy way to share a single file or a bucket of files in S3.

AWS S3 Experience

In Amazon’s defense, AWS was conceived like a set of lego parts. S3 is just one of many parts; alone it’s a bit one dimensional, but wired up with other cool applications it can be a star player in a powerful ecosystem.  

At my company Digital ReLab, we meet many of our clients at an inflection point we call “Cloud Limbo” 🙂

What it feels like in “Cloud Limbo”

Living in “Cloud Limbo” is that crazy juxtaposition of euphoria from having all of your files in one place and being paralyzed about what to do with them. You have all assets in one place and you just want to have an easy way to access, play, distribute, share, and most of all, keep creating.

To help cure the pain of “Cloud Limbo” in S3, we invented LENS.  

Available in the AWS Marketplace, you can simply sign up for LENS and, in a matter of minutes, do amazing things like:

  • See thumbnails for your files
  • Play, view, and/or read your files
  • View and search CSVs and PDFs
  • Find your files by typing what you are looking for in the search bar
  • See similar files that are grouped in LENS using metadata
  • See the probed metadata as well as AI created metadata
  • Share or download a file and even share a bucket – privately or publicly
  • Search across different buckets from different AWS accounts


Starting at only $10 a month, LENS gives you the visibility and power to help you decide what to keep, what to delete, what to push to Glacier (cheaper storage), and most importantly – what the heck to do next!  

For further clarity and insight, Digital ReLab can setup an easy-to-use data visualization tool like Kibana to answer questions like  “what type of files are bloating my storage” or “how many duplicate files do I have?”  (Yes! We can seriously tell you that.)


Out of Cloud Limbo

At Digital ReLab, we believe in ending “Cloud Limbo” for our clients by building platforms that solve the pains you feel today, at a price you can afford today, so you can better prepare for the future. If you are in “Cloud Limbo”” or just simply want a file experience that is a thousand times better than the AWS S3 console, try LENS today.


Learn more about LENS HERE .


By: Nate Casey

Digital ReLab – 2018

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