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  • Bob Dylan Archivist

    We’ve been searching for the right tool to organize the enormous amount of material generated by Bob Dylan over his career. Digital Relab has transformed our creative and business opportunities and made collaboration simpler.

  • Urs Fischer Archivist

    We didn’t think it was possible to do what Digital Relab has done for us with Starchive.

  • Major Symphony Orchestra

    We reopened our RFP process after settling on a platform because Starchive was like nothing we had ever seen before

  • Top Indie Record Label

    The systems that we reviewed prior to Starchive seemed to specialize in one or two of these asset types as opposed to being able to accommodate them all. Or, if they could accommodate them all, their interface was not user friendly.

  • Bob Moje

    Starchive is the most exciting technology I have seen in this space. With exponential growth in data, we need this brain-like technology to organize and make sense of it all.

  • Richard Averitt, CEO

    Millions of dollars are wasted every day looking for files that are stuck in folders no one can find. Starchive is the one solution you can use that will track all your content so you can always find it with ease without you having to change how you work and live. Once you have all your assets at your fingertips - all sorts of new things are possible.