Entertainment Industry

  • Collect every photograph, audio track (including stems), and video created for and about an artist of any type
  • Automatically record and store every reference to an artist on social media
  • Scour YouTube for every published song or video (authorized or not)
  • Allow fans to contribute their images and videos from performances
  • Starchive become the hub for all digital assets
  • Capitalize on digital assets as well as newly digitized legacy content - via licensing, social media, web portals, and IPTV
  • Organizes all departments of a record label, video production team, and on and on

Classical Arts

  • Archive all digital content as well as content as it is being digitized - allowing for instant organization and work-flow
  • Work easily with obscure file types and sizes - like massive images or audio stems from classical music recording platforms
  • Distribute content to front facing websites or IPTV channels
  • Create unique interface possibilities - like musician or patron view accounts


  • Streamline all manuals for each product - allowing updates to be distributed easily and accurately
  • Easily collect social media content from customers - helping to create a searchable catalog of testimonials and user help
  • Improve digital work-flow across every department of the company allowing custom views for each employee with discreet access to documents, videos, audio tracks, and pictures
  • Optimize all digital media (searchability, component creation, and derivative accessibility) in one place allowing for easy distribution across all channels - social media, website, YouTube user videos, sales reps, marketing, PR, and more


  • Entire campaign team connected to one single media hub
  • All digital media from social platforms and field operatives - aggregated to one place
  • Derivatives of every file created for instant or automated distribution (licensing and/or streaming)
  • All media types connected to masters and easily discovered
  • Content from opponents easily collected and staged for distribution - at will
  • Extensive video forensic capabilities - revealing heavy edits, and other media manipulations by opponents


  • All medical imagery consolidated in one location for a practice, hospital, or system of hospitals
  • All media types (X-Rays, Videos, Images, Records, etc) connected to masters and easily discovered
  • Derivatives of every file created for instant or automated distribution within the network
  • Triple authentication – security well beyond banking or HIPPA regulations
  • Replace an existing set of systems or act as overly to greatly improve efficiencies


  • All assets for multiple distributed games located in a central storage environment
  • Enables permissions based slices of content allowing easy management of state gambling regulations (if required)
  • Able to handle massive file sizes or automatically convert to smaller derivatives for easier distribution
  • Metadata driven system optimizes search and accessibility to content (current or on ice)


  • Developed to plugin any require artificial intelligence tools
  • Allows for easy accessibility to large file sizes and obscure file types
  • Able to probe digital assets and asses chronology, geography, production timeline, and/or any other forensic level analysis required
  • Able to zoom in and easily create cropped coordinates of satellite imagery allowing for asset component creation (that can contain unique metadata)