Digital ReLab Plays Vital Role In Bringing Radio Legend, Studs Terkel, To A Whole New Generation

Long before the age of the internet, podcasting, and TED Talks, there was master interviewer, Studs Terkel, on the radio.

Internationally renowned, he was one of the most intellectually curious newsmen, tastemakers and voices of the 20th Century. From 1952 to 1997 listeners were transfixed by his mind at work on WFMT 98.7 in Chicago. Dubbed “the voice of the working man”, Terkel was at the forefront of American culture, covering topics such as the civil rights movement and labor disputes, and engaging in thought provoking discussions with “household names” in jazz, blues, folk and politics.

Tomorrow, on what would have been the 106th birthday of Terkel, over 1,800 hours of historically significant interviews will come back to life online, effectively resurfacing and relaunching Stud’s career to a whole new generation.  You can find it here

To turn this vision into reality, the WFMT Studs Terkel Radio archive is leveraging Starchive, a digital media optimization platform created by Virginia based firm, Digital ReLab. The Starchive platform gave WFMT’s team the ability to easily collect, organize, and curate the extraordinary Terkel archive to ultimately expose this work to the public.

“It has been a humbling and remarkable experience to have been an integral part in making this project come to life,” said Digital ReLab CEO, Richard Averitt. Thanks to the extraordinary commitment and vision of Allison Schein Holmes, Tony Macaluso, and the entire WFMT Chicago team, Studs Terkel is back on the air. The planet now has a lot of summer listening to do.

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