Archives Manager For Historical Media Collection

*Names and faces have been changed to protect the formerly disorganized.

Each day Jess found herself up to her ears in letters, photos, recordings, and ephemera nearly impossible to categorize. Locating the right asset was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, if say, that haystack was the size of Mt. Everest.

We worked with Jess to create a platform that met her needs instead of adhering to a prescribed set of fields. With Starchive’s arrival, the old “system” of fragmented drives and spreadsheets disappeared, replaced by one that understands what she’s organizing and the way she wants it organized. Asset rights and other licensing documents that took days or even weeks appear at her fingertips. Sharing becomes seamless. What was once a passive archive is now a thriving media hub. Jess is constantly turning up hidden gems, creating new opportunities (and potential revenue streams) with each discovery.

To be clear, that Everest-sized haystack of data still exists, but it’s a lot easier to conquer when you know the lay of the land.

Phone: 1.434.951.9036
190 Rockfish School Lane Afton, VA 22920

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