Ashley Roberts

Head of Production

*Names and faces have been changed to protect the formally disorganized.

30 Second cutdown. 15 Second Pre-roll. East Coast Final Version. West Coast Final Final Version. And only one person keeping track of it all.

Ashley needed a way for everyone to quickly access, playback and share.

She also needed to be able to juggle multiple projects across multiple teams.

Most of all, she needed some rest.

Our platform quickly got everyone on the same page, providing Ashley the peace of mind that comes from knowing her team was all working on the correct version, wherever they are. Files are organized as they’re created so she’s quickly able to find what she is looking for. Files are shared through easy to follow links, while relevant data is attached to playback, streamlining what used to be a byzantine review process.

With a little assist from us, Ashley is at last able to keep up with changes without impacting tight timelines, budgets and most importantly, precious sleep.


190 Rockfish School Lane
Afton, VA 22920

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