The Starchive platform has been vital for us to capitalize on decades of Dylan’s work from our archives.

—Bob Dylan Music Company

Clients winning with STARCHIVE

HGTV SuperstarA highly successful HGTV personality with undeniable brand power across multiple business seg- ments is leveraging Starchive to scale his brand reach without scaling his payroll. Using Starchive, the team moved out of Dropbox to aggregate, find, and take action on media assets quickly and thoughtfully in a fast paced cross platform media play.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Musician Billy Joel
This legendary singer-songwriter’s team is using Starchive to assemble a comprehensive digital archive of his life’s work. Like Bob Dylan (Starchive customer #1), Billy Joel’s team will lever- age Starchive to create new products like documentaries, box sets, merchandise, and more to drive new revenue.

Netflix (Hit) Original Series Creator
– A top Hollywood writer and executive producer needed a fast and reliable way to assess thousands of images and documents for a new docu-drama series. Using Starchive, his dispersed writing team was able to collect, share, and easily access materials to help them craft a deeply meaningful story and meet their aggressive deadlines.

Sherman Grinberg Film Library
The owners of the world’s oldest and largest privately held film archive migrated away from Getty and into Starchive to streamline digitization, database management, and direct licensing of their historic content, allowing them to increase their margins +50%.

New York Philharmonic
Every year, NYP saves hundreds of hours and huge amounts of money by using Starchive to automate the creation and delivery of every performance to their musicians each night.

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Ashley Roberts

Head of Production

30 Second cutdown. 15 Second Pre-roll. East Coast Final Version. West Coast Final Final Version. And only one person keeping track of it all.

Ashley needed a way for everyone to quickly access, playback and share.

She also needed to be able to juggle multiple projects across multiple teams.

Most of all, she needed some rest.

Our platform quickly got everyone on the same page, providing Ashley the peace of mind that comes from knowing her team was all working on the correct version, wherever they are. Files are organized as they’re created so she’s quickly able to find what she is looking for. Files are shared through easy to follow links, while relevant data is attached to playback, streamlining what used to be a byzantine review process.

With a little assist from us, Ashley is at last able to keep up with changes without impacting tight timelines, budgets and most importantly, precious sleep.


CTO of a Midsize Production Company

*Names and faces have been changed to protect the formally disorganized.

As CTO of a content/distribution/talent management/production company, if there was one thing Steve requires from a solution, it’s flexibility. Problem was, other systems are far too rigid.

Flexibility is in our DNA. Starchive constantly updates for new formats and capabilities. Data is future-proofed the moment it enters the system. Best of all, it seamlessly integrates and connects across local drives and Amazon AS3 cloud storage, so it can grow and evolve along with his company.

AR. VR. Mixed Reality. We can’t say for what’s next, but we can say with 100% certainty that Steve’s data will be ready for it.


Archives Manager For Historical Media Collection

*Names and faces have been changed to protect the formally disorganized.

Each day Jess found herself up to her ears in letters, photos, recordings, and ephemera nearly impossible to categorize. Locating the right asset was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, if say, that haystack was the size of Mt. Everest.

We worked with Jess to create a platform that met her needs instead of adhering to a prescribed set of fields. With Starchive’s arrival, the old “system” of fragmented drives and spreadsheets disappeared, replaced by one that understands what she’s organizing and the way she wants it organized. Asset rights and other licensing documents that took days or even weeks appear at her fingertips. Sharing becomes seamless. What was once a passive archive is now a thriving media hub. Jess is constantly turning up hidden gems, creating new opportunities (and potential revenue streams) with each discovery.

To be clear, that Everest-sized haystack of data still exists, but it’s a lot easier to conquer when you know the lay of the land.


Head of Three-Person Design Firm

Hours of searching through files, folders and hard drives had left Jonathan unable to focus on the part of the job he felt truly passionate about – creating inspiring work for trusted clients.

Jonathan looked into traditional Digital Asset Management tools, but they all seemed too expensive, cumbersome and inflexible, as if they were made for someone else.

Unlike the other guys, we understood Jonathan’s issues immediately. (Not too long ago, they were our own).

We showed Jonathan how our system’s flexibility allows it to conform to the way his company works. Our intuitive, easy to use tools combined with advanced Artificial Intelligence allowed his team to find and catalogue photos and copy based on criteria they deemed most important. Files were made easily shareable to colleagues and clients alike. What used to take days to slog through was accessed in minutes.

We’re happy to report that these days, Jonathan is more relaxed than ever. Better yet, all that brain space formerly used to search through assets is being put to better use.


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