Bob Dylan

Preserving Greatness

"We've been searching for the right tool to organize the enormous amount of material generated by Bob Dylan over his career. Having our collection organized and accessible has transformed our creative and business opportunities and made collaboration simpler."

- Archivist Bob Dylan Music Company

  • For over five decades, Bob Dylan has remained one of the most influential musicians, poets, and artists in the world. His lyrics, which contain commentary on everything from philosophy to politics, have become part of the fabric of American Culture. Dylan has inspired thousands of musicians over the years. He continues to perform world wide.

  • Digital ReLab designed, implemented, and built a comprehensive digital asset management system for Bob Dylan. The custom work for Dylan’s Starchive included:

    • Analyzing assets
    • Optimizing storage flow
    • Creating ingestion protocols
    • Template creation
    • Advising on digitization
    • Training archivists
    • New Features Developed
Bob Dylan