Welcome to the new Digital ReLab brand

Welcome to the new Digital ReLab brand

By Corrie Commisso - October 31, 2018 | Uncategorized

Today we launch a new brand and website for Digital ReLab. As our work expands across organizations frustrated by the explosive growth of digital media, our brand grows as well. Digital ReLab enables everyone from collections managers to media giants to business founders to adjust to this accelerating media environment and secure their digital assets for the future.

We produce Starchive, powerfully simple digital asset management software, which empowers teams and partners to share, distribute, and create value from all their digital and media assets. For customers like the Bob Dylan Music Company, Starchive supports better access, opportunity and understanding of some of the most important content ever created.

We selected an eight-point star as our logo to represent Starchive’s power to illuminate all your assets in a permanent and reliable way.  Just as starlight spans the past and future, media at home in Starchive spans historical archives as well as terabytes of newly created high-res video. With Starchive, your media works for you – not the other way around.

Our new brand also communicates our desire to work with each of our clients personally.  With years of experience enabling artists and archives to preserve and amplify decades-long careers in music, film, photography, and more, we recognize that being at the forefront of digital asset management is a journey with each step bringing new possibilities.

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