AWS Case Study: How Digital ReLab Enables Digital-Asset Management Using Amazon EFS

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Making Media Easy to Find — and Monitze
Digital technology has enabled an explosion of media. As file stores grow to petabyte scale, digital-asset management (DAM) can quickly become challenging, making it difficult for companies to keep audio and video content organized. Digital ReLab aims to solve those challenges with an open system that media companies can use to easily organize and manage files and integrate them into custom media workflows.

“Our founder, a recording studio owner, initially built a platform to organize his own digital media assets,” says Nate Casey, vice president of product strategy at Digital ReLab. “He was selected by Bob Dylan’s organization to provide a robust DAM system for its archives, and that led to our first clients and the development of our Starchive product.”

The company’s Starchive DAM solution uses metadata—rather than folders—to organize media files. This enables flexibility in ingesting, modifying, and managing files to meet workflow requirements. The company’s approach, called Open Media/Data/Storage (OpenMDS), is designed to work with any media type. Files are automatically transcoded to the file types an organization typically uses, simplifying the process of sharing and monetizing media. Digital ReLab’s clients each generate up to 5 TB of video content per day.

The flexibility of Starchive and OpenMDS makes it simple for clients to feed productive workflows. For example, the New York Philharmonic records its performances and makes them available to musicians using Starchive, which allows the organization to upload multi-tracks and make stereo files, create clips, add archival metadata, and deliver the final track to musicians the next day.

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