Digital ReLab is reimagining the entire digital asset landscape and has built the first ever multi-media platform positioned for the future demands of an emerging digital ecosystem. Born in a recording studio to solve the day to day workflow challenges, Starchive is the only platform in a new class of utilities designed for the world of multi-media & virtual-reality.

Starchive is built on two key principles: 1) the source file is the Master and the most important file to catalog and maintain in its absolute highest fidelity, 2) metadata is the DNA of our digital files and, like DNA, can be used to draw previously unseen connections and relationships between files that are otherwise missed in today’s tsunami of digital media..

This approach means that all assets are inherently part of a complex ecosystem that already forms a nearly limitless number of collections automatically. With the launch of Starchive, organization is now as simple as allowing this platform to “ingest” every file, analyze the hidden metadata and relate every file to every other file that shares even a single strand of this “DNA”. .

Starchive handles any digital file - whether a PDF, a High-Res Image, stems from a soundboard, a simple word doc and more. Starchive can overlay any storage infrastructure including Cloud, local RAID, or distributed storage across a network. Now all of your media is connected to the source materials that made it, the metadata associated with it and the derivatives you have created. Finally, this is accomplished in one simple web browser interface. This gives you complete perspective of a file’s impact within your archive for the very first time..

For the last four years, we have honed the platform by building the very first comprehensive digital archive of Bob Dylan’s life and work. In close collaboration with the Dylan team, we have refined the tools required to catalog every digital and physical asset of Dylan’s career and make them available for rediscovery, syndication and the development of new products. We have now turned this platform into a SaaS subscription service for other artists, symphony orchestras, creative agencies, museums, and important archives the world over.

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