Digital ReLab designs the most intuitive, cost-efficient way of organizing digital content and information ever.

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Find, update and share vast quantities of assets and information seamlessly and affordably, anywhere, through a secure central database.

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Starchive delivers the most intuitive, comprehensive and cost-efficient way of activating your digital content and information


LENS allows you to see what is in your Amazon S3 buckets and search for your files using the most current AI toolkit

We empower   content owners and creators   to organize, store and make better use of digital assets through advanced data intelligence and easy to use dashboards.

Does this sound familliar?

“Starchive is our iron horse but provides the flexibility that our work requires”

The one thing we required from a DAMS, it was the flexibility. Problem was, most systems seemed far too rigid. Starchive changed that for good.

“Starchive gave us laser like capacity to find every needle in every haystack”

Starchive transformed the way directors, editors, and researchers led to a new depth and quality of process in Volume Digital’s San Francisco and New York offices

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our software uses automagical powers to index and transform files and "ubiquitous" cloud storage systems like AWS s3. 

Our demos are quick and fun and gives us a chance to learn about what kind of solution you are looking for and what you want to do with it once you've found it.

today we sell two software products, Starchive and LENS. ask us about either or both!

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