The Starchive platform has been vital for us to capitalize on decades of Dylan’s work from our archives.
—Bob Dylan Music Company

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Open MDS

Starchive is the world’s first Open MDS solution and is the best tool in the world for marrying your metadata to your media.

Through Digital ReLab’s technology, Starchive streamlines organization and enhances workflows by connecting your data to your media in one central hub, empowering you and your team to rediscover, reimagine, reformat, and release your media in new and exciting ways.


Cloud Made Simple

Small businesses everywhere are using the Amazon Cloud (S3) for its powerful inexpensive digital storage. LENS, makes it possible for any user to leverage the efficiency of S3 through a web browser.

With LENS, you can actually see and playback your media in S3 so you can quickly find what you need and share or publish your media in an instant.

Client Solutions

Bob Dylan Music Company
Artist Management

In spring of 2016 Bob Dylan’s team had a pressing problem. They were using Starchive to assemble a groundbreaking box set of Dylan’s 1966 Live Recordings and they could not find equally impressive images to match the audio.

Using Starchive, Dylan’s archivist was able to take existing film footage from the same 1966 tour and create 60,000 still frames in under an hour. From those 60,000 images, the Bob Dylan team discovered incredible images of Dylan the world has never seen. Those images now grace the covers of each of the 36 albums in this set.

New York Philharmonic
Major Symphony Orchestra

When The New York Philharmonic finishes a concert, the Digital Media Production Assistant simply uploads the performance WAV stereo recording to Starchive. Starchive turns that WAV file into an MP3 file which is optimized for streaming and fidelity. Starchive then makes the recording available to the musicians before they return the next day.

On top of that, the recording is automatically related to the metadata entered into NYP’s archival database. To our knowledge, The New York Philharmonic is now the only professional orchestra in the world who have access to their most recent performances in a simple playback interface.

The Sherman Grinberg Film Library
Historic Paramount & Pathe Newsreels from 1895 to 1958

Starchive provides the Sherman Grinberg Film Library, the world's oldest and largest privately held film archive, the ability to share and license their content directly to their customers and to deliver preview copies of their content to other marketing platforms complete with the data each platform requires.

This means they are now able to directly negotiate and fulfill their client requests, bringing them closer to their clients while also retaining 100% of the revenue. This more lucrative business model makes it possible for the Sherman Grinberg Film Library team to invest in digitizing the remaining 80% of their collection that the world has never seen.

WFMT Studs Terkel Radio Archive (STRA)
Historic Radio Archive

Arguably the most important interviewer of the 20th century, Studs Terkel recorded over 9,000 hours of interviews and book reviews during his more than 45 years on the job. WFMT selected Starchive as the hub for all of Studs’ recordings to bring his life’s work to the world.

With Starchive, STRA was able to consolidate multiple database sources, transcode files for delivery to a transcription service, use features in the platform to easily clean up and relate a tremendous amount of data, and then connect all of the master audio files with transcriptions. They now expect to create curricula for schools, podcasts for consumers, and licensing arrangements with third parties. Starchive makes it possible to monetize and share this incredible legacy.


Jon Vanhala

Principal, Crossfade Partners

Mr. Vanhala founded Crossfade Partners to help emerging companies accelerate their growth and to help enterprise companies innovate with real ROI. Focus is on the creative industries where Culture Meets Tech Meets Brand. His portfolio spans global multinational companies as well as three person start-ups. Former Head of Digital at Universal Music Group's Island, Def Jam, Republic, and Verve Records; and Co-Founder at Thesis Ventures, Vanhala’s been helping creators and builders put wins on the board for decades. He currently serves on Board of Trustees at Museum Of Pop Culture; and independent Board Director at Affinio.

Lexa Pope

White House Presidential Executive Fellow & Digital Services Expert

Ms.Pope has spent the bulk of her career on the sales and operations side of tech companies such as Google and Facebook, joining during the early, formative years when core advertising technology was being developed and brought to markets all around the world. She was at Google from 2000 - 2008 as the head of Google Adwords North America, and then at Facebook from 2010 - 2012 as the Director of Global Marketing Solutions. Given her more recent interest in healthcare, coupled with her years of experience starting and scaling new businesses, Pope is now a part of the White House U.S. Digital Service (USDS) team, which is a 200-person "team of teams" created after the launch experience of in 2014. Pope is working with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on the Quality Payment Program which aims to create a more modern, patient-centered Medicare program by promoting quality patient care while controlling escalating costs.

Princeton University Politics, 1996; Harvard Business School - General Management Program, 2011

Jeff Rosen

General Manager, Bob Dylan Music Company | Manager of Bob Dylan

For the last 20 years Mr. Rosen has been President of the Bob Dylan Music Company, a multifaceted entertainment corporation whose primary business is the administration of Bob Dylan’s music publishing as well as various other facets of Mr. Dylan’s career. Rosen has also produced for film, television, and off-Broadway, and is the recipient of multiple Grammy Awards, an Emmy, and a Deems Taylor Award. He also has operated as a consultant for several major record companies, and has written numerous liner notes and magazine articles.

Lydia Varmazis

Senior Director Product Management Payments Platform + Hardware, PayPal

Ms.Varmazis is the Senior Director of Product Management Payments Platform and Hardware at Paypal, and formerly the Director of Product Management at Adobe where she launched both Photoshop and Illustrator. Varmazis is a product executive with extensive experience in consumer apps, cloud-based products and platforms with a comprehensive knowledge of consumer behavior, product and user interface design that can connect big picture thinking with day-to-day challenges and long-term growth opportunities. Her noted work includes the JPEG consortium which created the JPEG as a major derivative for photographs and visual images.

Tom Silverman

CEO, Tommy Boy Records

Mr. Silverman is the founder and CEO at Tommy Boy, co-founded New Music Seminar, and is a founding board member of A2iM and Merlin. He has served on the boards of SoundExchange, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, among others. In 2013 he was awarded the A2IM Libera Lifetime Achievement Award. He received the NARM (now Independent Spirit Award in 2010 and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences Heroes Award in 2000. Silverman is considered one of the pioneers of the Hip Hop movement.

Kraig Fox

Senior Managing Director, Eldridge Industries

Mr.Fox is currently the Senior Managing Director of Eldridge Industries where he focuses on Eldridge's overall strategy in the media and entertainment spaces as well as the management of its media and entertainment investments. Prior to Eldridge, Kraig Fox co-founded SFX (now Live Nation), and helped to run Core Media as it’s COO.

Dick Wingate

Principal, DEV Advisors

With more than 40 years in the music and interactive industries,Mr.Wingate has been at the intersection of music and technology from its’ beginnings with in-store interactive systems, to the earliest online music download services to the first mobile streaming applications. He has served in senior positions at Liquid Audio, PolyGram Records, Arista Records, Epic Records and Nellymoser; and is currently Principal at DEV Advisors, a digital entertainment consulting firm that provides expertise to service providers, app developers, content owners and investors. Wingate has spoken at industry events including Digital Hollywood, CTIA, SXSW, Billboard Live, CDO Summit, Jupiter Plug-In, CMJ, Midem, Bear Stearns, Credit Suisse, Business Week, the Music Business Association and Canadian Music Week and has been featured in the Sunday NY Times Business section, on the front page of LA Times as well as quoted in the Wall St. Journal, Time Magazine, USA Today, the NY Times Magazine and Billboard Magazine.

Ron Wilder

CEO, Aligned Action

Mr. Wilder is a leadership and business-growth mentor to CEOs, CEO Successors, and Entrepreneurs and works with companies ranging in size from one-person startups to Fortune 500 companies. Wilder’s career began in Silicon Valley, where he worked with R.B. Webber & Company, a boutique strategy consultancy and venture capital firm, and then held sales, marketing, and corporate development roles for Yahoo! and two venture-backed start-ups.

Tom Ennis

Former GM, Red Light Management | Former GM, 19 Entertainment | Former VP Artist Development Arista Records

Mr. Ennis’s career spans some 35 years in various areas of the entertainment business. He began his career working for Clive Davis at Arista Records, eventually spending 19 years there working in Artist Development and Marketing. While there, he met the British artist manager Simon Fuller who eventually asked him to start the American division of 19 Entertainment, where he spent 10 years in the dual role of President of 19 Recordings and General Manager of 19 Entertainment, Inc. 19 Entertainment is the company that created the "American Idol" and the Idol franchise around the world. After leaving 19, he was hired to be the General Manager of Red Light Management where he stayed for four years. In 2012, he became one of the founders of Politicon, a fan festival for lovers of politics and entertainment, now in its third year of production.

Paul Farris

Landmark Communications Professor of Business Administration, University of Virginia Darden School of Business

Dr. Farris is a marketing professor at UVA’s Darden School of Business with prior work at UNILEVER and the Harvard Business School. Farris's general research focus is in the area of marketing productivity and measurement. His work has been published in 10 books and more than 70 articles, appearing in professional journals and publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science, etc.

B.S., University of Missouri; MBA, University of Washington; D.B.A., Harvard University

Bob Moje

Principal, VMDO Architects, P.C.

Moje (founder of VMDO) is one of the top education facility architects in the world and is best known for his brilliant contribution to the NIH’s study of how the environment of school buildings affects children’s health. An avid student of brain science, Moje has built an extensive network of experts in a variety of fields and reads extensively in search of new insights into the learning process.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Virginia, 1976; Master of Architecture, University of Virginia, 1980

Recent Press


...The rediscovery of of Alderson’s recurring involvement during Dylan’s ascent was made courtesy of a tool from Digital ReLab, called Starchive, which connects digital media using advanced metadata, the extra tags and notes computers make about every file (from the date produced to subject matter).

The interest in Dylan’s archive of creative output will only increase now that the legendary songwriter has joined the Nobel laureates. A big chunk of that archive has moved into an academic collection in Tulsa. In March, the George Kaiser Family Foundation announced the acquisition of some 6,000 items spanning decades of the artist’s career, in care of the University of Tulsa’s Helmerich Center for American Research… More →


The great man’s [Bob Dylan] people recently let it be known that an archive of his lifetime possessions, including notebooks showing the evolution of songs, sound and video recordings, and other materials such as personal documents, would be permanently housed at a research centre located in the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Little wonder Dylanologists salivated over the wonders of this vast, 6,000-piece trove of one of the world’s most iconic modern lives, covering over 50 years of prolific creativity...

In October 2014, Digital ReLab formally announced an agreement to archive, organise and store Dylan’s collection using its Starchive software but the pairing goes further back – all the way to the late summer of 2011… More →


New photos and footage of Bob Dylan are released today after 50 years. Dylan won the Nobel Prize last month based on what the world can see so far, but four years’ of work by little-known U.S. technology company shows that there is still an entire body of work that we have yet to experience.

TThe previously unseen material shows the multi-billion-dollar potential of archives for stars, brands and media companies, according to Digital ReLab, based in the Virginia mountains, which made the discoveries. Digital ReLab has been working with the Bob Dylan Music Company’s archive. The new photos are being used as the cover shots for each of the 36 discs of mammoth The 1966 Live Recordings box set to be released by Columbia/Legacy on Friday, Nov. 11. More →


The 36 CD box set containing every known recording from the artist's 1966 tours is set to be released by Sony on Nov. 11. The majority of tracks, drawn from soundboard, CBS recordings and audience tape, are previously unreleased in any format — even bootlegs. Each of the individual CDs in "Bob Dylan: The 1966 Live Recordings" is housed in a custom sleeve with artwork from the color film shot by Pennebaker....

Digital ReLab dug into the documentary and created in less than one hour 60,000 never-before-used low-res stills from the concert footage. From there, the team chose 60 frames before going back to the original film and creating hi-res .TIF files. Finally, they selected the cover art for each of the 36 albums. That was made possible by Digital ReLab's tool called Starchive — also used by Dylan's team to assemble the CD's live set — which connects digital media using advanced metadata, the extra tags and notes computers make about every file (date, subject, etc…). More →

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