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The World's First Open MDS Platform

(Open Media, Open Data, Open Storage)

Open to any media type and format, any data structure and any storage configuration, Starchive is a uniquely flexible and open media tool built to support tomorrow’s media demands and opportunities. Accessible via any modern web browser, Starchive is the central hub for all of your content, empowering you and your team to spend your valuable time creating, collaborating, sharing, distributing, and monetizing your digital assets.





Starchive allows a company to:

  • elegantly discover
  • store
  • convert
  • synchronize
  • share
  • utilize
  • monetize

…any type of digital content from any device, anywhere.

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Metadata Probing

Starchive probes every bit of inherent metadata as well as all of the metadata added per a simple XML template.

Derivative Creation

Upon ingest, Starchive creates every derivative of a file you can dream up allowing easy access to any file type.

Components Management

Starchive allows you to create a piece of any file - like a set of coordinates on a larger image or a start and stop time on a video or audio track.


Easily change metadata title and fields across any set of assets, allowing for nearly effortless organization of naming conventions.


Allow different users access to specific content or specific features as is best to protect content or increase efficiencies.


Easily export files with downloadable links (that can expire) - or set up metadata based file trees as zip files.


Narrow any set of content based on metadata search or file type. Then, either forge through the collection or create a set playlist for later.


Starchive allows for multiple security levels - up to 3 part authentication (beyond banking standards), internal provisioning, and watermarking.

Storage Flexibility

Starchive is storage agnostic - allowing you to store digital media locally, in the cloud, or both. The platform can run independently or as an overlay of your existing tools.



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Peter Agelasto
Peter Agelasto

Peter is a self taught programmer and a recording engineer who has been working on solving the challenges of digital media management for 10 years.

Richard Averitt
Richard Averitt

Richard is a seasoned entrepreneur who entered the technology space in 2003 working with Documentum on a global health care initiative.

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